In 1958, El Paso, Texas was building towards a new prosperity. But still, for the average breadwinner,
taking the whole family out for a good meal was a luxury reserved only for very special occasions.

Everyone should be able to enjoy great food in an inviting restaurant any time they wanted! So we
opened the first Pancho's Mexican Buffet.  For the first time, families could eat to their heart's content
from a lavish spread of delicious Mexican food.  Pancho's combines the delight of an "all you care to eat"
buffet with the hospitality of a full service restaurant. Best of all, prices were very affordable so thrifty
families could visit often.

Today, over four decades later, Pancho's remained true to its heritage.  And the value and fun have
grown as Pancho's put restaurants all arouns Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

We still believe in excellent value, abundant, tasty food and total customer satisfaction.
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